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This is a compilation of the blogs and sites that I made while taking up BAMS. There would be a separate page for the videos and other non-OU projects.

URL: odellife.blogspot.com
Course: MMS 171

"Play It Forward Wiki"
URL: playitforward-wiki.blogspot.com
Course: MMS 120

"Photography Portfolio"
URL: portfolio-m173.blogspot.com
Course: MMS 173

"Music and Visual Arts Track"
URL: cwts2-group2.blogspot.com
Course: CWTS 2

"Nat Sci II Portfolio"
URL: portfolio-ns2.blogspot.com
Course: NATSCI 2

(The Official ePortfolio for UPOU Students)

"MMS 100 Portfolio"
URL: eportfolios.upou.edu.ph/view/view.php?id=1229

"MMS 173 Portfolio"
URL: eportfolios.upou.edu.ph/view/view.php?id=2710

"MMS 171 Portfolio"
URL: eportfolios.upou.edu.ph/view/view.php?id=4140

"MMS 174 Portfolio"
URL: eportfolios.upou.edu.ph/view/view.php?id=4325

"MMS 172 Portfolio"
URL: eportfolios.upou.edu.ph/view/view.php?id=5313

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